Susan’s Garden

In an overgrown garden with wonderful perennials already present, this client was delighted to find a healing space replete with angels, crystals, stone pedestals and rock walls.  Fairly small in size, and located just off of the deck area attached to the house, it accommodated her needs perfectly for sitting and meditating on mind, body and spirit whenever she wished.  A special gift for a lovely soul.

About Mary Fontes

Mary Fontes, RN, Master Gardener and certified Reiki Therapist uses her considerable knowledge regarding health of mind, body and spirit to analyze and create Sacred Healing Space. She can teach and coach anyone to enhance their environment wherever they desire, whether it is within a garden, a home or a business. By opening your life to inner peace, you can possess a healthier lifestyle and body.


  1. I have enjoyed looking through your gallery. Thank you for sharing your work in these lovely gardens. This garden of Susan’s is modest in size and yet had quite an impact on me as I kept returning to look I like that everything is proportionate and the use of stone. A refreshing place for reflection,. The “entrance” invites.

    • JADon: Thank you so much for spending the time looking through ASG’s (A Spiritual Garden) gallery. I absolutely love designing spaces that serve as reflective and meditative conclaves. If you should ever wish to have a discussion about Sacred Space or are interested in designing your own, please feel free to contact me and we can talk. Blessings, Mary

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