Sue’s Garden

This client was looking for beauty, color and elegance to accent her 200+ year old refurbished farmhouse.  The natural tiers and stone walls were perfect settings to her Sacred Space at the ground level tier.  Her love of colored glass and crystals allowed the design to unfold with artifacts that can hold her gems and be in her direct sight.  By incorporating fragrant herbs and plants, she found her meditation and “calming” spot to support her needs perfectly on a daily basis.  She also knows that this is a space that is welcoming in both winter and warm months.

About Mary Fontes

Mary Fontes, RN, Master Gardener and certified Reiki Therapist uses her considerable knowledge regarding health of mind, body and spirit to analyze and create Sacred Healing Space. She can teach and coach anyone to enhance their environment wherever they desire, whether it is within a garden, a home or a business. By opening your life to inner peace, you can possess a healthier lifestyle and body.

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