Mary’s Garden

As the owner of ASG and the primary developer of Sacred Space on property, it was my desire to create gardens that were healing in nature and design.  Specific components to accomplish this were the following; sacred geometry, the four elements, the four seasons, energy and water lines, Feng Shui, the four directions, crystals and color.  Since this site was originally an in-ground pool, the concept of starting a project from basic ground structure up was the greatest challenge and accomplishment.

About Mary Fontes

Mary Fontes, RN, Master Gardener and certified Reiki Therapist uses her considerable knowledge regarding health of mind, body and spirit to analyze and create Sacred Healing Space. She can teach and coach anyone to enhance their environment wherever they desire, whether it is within a garden, a home or a business. By opening your life to inner peace, you can possess a healthier lifestyle and body.


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