City of Taunton – Cemetery Garden Project

The client was the City of Taunton MA and the commission was for a quiet, reflective spiritual space for the families and friends of infants and young children, heretofore having no specific section of the cemetery for themselves.  The space to be used was a new field that would mature as the needs of the cemetery required, but was somewhat barren to start.  The object of the design was to create a calm and softly welcoming space, located behind a formal entrance with flowering trees and shrubs in pastel colors.  Accommodating sitting area was truly a must for anyone visiting the site.

About Mary Fontes

Mary Fontes, RN, Master Gardener and certified Reiki Therapist uses her considerable knowledge regarding health of mind, body and spirit to analyze and create Sacred Healing Space. She can teach and coach anyone to enhance their environment wherever they desire, whether it is within a garden, a home or a business. By opening your life to inner peace, you can possess a healthier lifestyle and body.

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